Exercises for sex

Exercises for sex are exercises that are done specifically in order to enjoy, improve, give and receive sex better. This kind of exercises can be carried out either during sexual intercourse, before this during the previous games or at any other time of the day to be ready when the sexual encounter is presented.

The exercises for sex are aimed at toning and strengthening specific muscles that help to promote sex as well as trying to achieve that the body reaches and maintains the flexibility and resistance enough to marvel in bed.

There are many ways to perform a sexercise routine, from aerobic routines to more specific exercises such as the Keggels. The important thing is to know how to do them properly to avoid injuries and fatigue that, on the contrary, give rise to sex prevent it.

Exercises for sex will improve your appearance and your skills when you make love.

Benefits of exercises for sex

The benefits of the exercises for a better sex are many, not only you will notice in each passion session with your partner but also in your personal life:

  • They put you “sexually in shape”
  • They burn calories
  • Improve physical endurance
  • They release stress
  • They are fun and entertaining
  • They allow to achieve better orgasms
  • They provide strength and elasticity to the body
  • Strengthen the muscles
  • They will make you feel younger and radiant
  • Improve your skills in bed
  • By performing them as a couple, they strengthen the relationship’s bond

It is important that these exercises are performed correctly to avoid injuries that prevent sexual enjoyment.

Exercise guide to improve sex

Exercises for the PC muscle

The king of the sexual muscles is the pubococcygeus muscle, also known as PC muscle.

This muscle contracts at a rate of every 0.8 seconds, in men and women during orgasm. The pubococcygeus muscle is found in the pelvic floor. For both sexes it is convenient to have toned and fit this area to achieve intense sensations during sex.

The first thing you should do is locate your pubococcygeus muscle.

All the individual muscles near the groin: buttocks, abdomen, thighs and pubococcygeus, can feel the same so it is difficult to separate them from each other to work them. They all feel like a single great muscle mass. That needs to be changed right now.

Here is a simple way to find the PC and isolate it from others so that you can work with it only:

If you are a man, place one or two fingers behind your testicles. Think you are urinating. Now make as if you were to stop the stream of urine. That muscle that you used to stop the stream of urine is the pubococcygeus or PC muscle. Did you understand by contracting? All right. You probably have also noticed that your penis and testicles jumped a bit when the PC was contracted.

For women it is just as simple. Only they should not touch anything, just think that they are urinating and pretend to stop the stream of urine. The muscle they felt was their pubococcygeus.

   1. Contract, squeeze and play (three to five minutes a day).

Now that you have found your PC muscle, continue with this exercise:

Three times a day, it contracts the PC 20 times. Keep it contracted for one or two seconds each time and then release. That’s it, 20 contractions, three times a day.

It sounds simple, but words cannot express how important this exercise is.

Do not forget that being consistent with this exercise is the most effective way to maximize the strength of your pubococcygeus muscle in the shortest time. And every moment of this exercise is worth it.

Take advantage of every moment of the day to exercise your PC muscle! The exercises for the pubococcygeus are very easy and have the advantage of being able to be done anywhere! In the car, work, the beach, the living room, the kitchen …

2. Pressing hard

Once you have finished your three weeks with the previous exercise, you are then ready for this third sexercise.

Keep your 20 reps 3 times a day. But now you are going to add 10 very slow repetitions.

This is what you will do: Slowly contract the PC muscle for 5 seconds as hard as you can, resist there and then release the tension gradually in another 5 seconds. At this stage you should feel the muscle working very well.

This exercise can be a bit difficult at first. It is normal that at first you get tired with one or two repetitions, but try eventually to exercise until you reach 10 repetitions where you hold the contraction about 15 seconds. It may take you a few days or weeks to get to that point. Do not worry, that’s normal and it’s very important that you do not overdo it, just enjoy the process and keep squeezing the PC muscle.

PC muscle training is like any other workout. The harder you work, the more impressive the results will be.

Keggel exercises

Kegel exercises are exercises for contraction and relaxation of the muscles around the pelvis, for both men and women. Exercising those specific muscles with this type of exercise, makes the impulse for orgasm to be better controlled in men, and in women, it is more intense.

This happens because these exercies of keggel work with the muscle ” pubococcygeus” or also called “muscle of love” which is responsible for the spasms of orgasm.

Two good examples this exceptional exercise for sex are:

  1. Slow Keggel: Squeeze the muscles as if trying to stop the urine, pulling them up. Contract them and keep them that way while you count up to 5 breathing gently. Then, relax them for 5 more seconds, and repeat the series 10 times. Try to progressively increase the time of contraction and relaxation. Start for 5 seconds in each case until you reach 20 seconds. The longer you manage to maintain the contraction of the muscles, the more you will strengthen your pelvic muscles.
  2. Keggel fast: Contract and relax the muscles as fast as you can until you get tired or it takes about 2 or 3 minutes. Start with 10 repetitions, four times a day until you reach 50 repetitions a day.

Multiply the pleasure of each orgasm by frequently training the exercises for sex.

Pelvic elevations

Pelvic lifts are a fantastic exercise. With them you strengthen the backside, the lower abdomen and also practice and improve the typical movements of intercourse.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your arms next to your body. Take off your butt from the surface, hold the position for a few seconds and go back down and so on repeatedly. It is an easy but very effective sexervice.

Pelvic mobilization

In order to perform these pelvic exercises it is important that you consider at all times that only your pelvic area is what should be moved, the rest of your body should remain in the same position.

  1. On an inflatable ball sit with your legs a little apart and your hands on the hip. Direct your pelvis forward and backward.
  2. In this same position you can also draw circles with the movement of your hips.


In addition to the obvious good appearance of a marked abdomen, exercising the muscles of the abdomen helps you increase your strength, improve your posture and take care of your back.

On the other hand, firm abdominals help to have better control of the pelvis and with this increase your sexual pleasure. You can include the following exercises in your daily schedule, do them in three sets of 30 or 15 repetitions each:

1- Lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent and feet resting on the floor. Place your hands behind your head. Lift your head and upper body between 20 and 30 cm. Simultaneously, contract your pelvis slightly upwards. Hold that position for two or three seconds and lower.

2- Lie on your side, with your legs bent at the knees, put your hands behind your head and try to bring your elbow to your hip.

3- Face up, put your hands under the buttocks and raise the feet of the floor about 10 or 15 cm., Hold the position for 10 seconds and lower the feet. Try to bring your chin to your chest while doing the exercise.

Variants of this exercise is that when the feet are raised you make circles or cross the legs one on top of the other and vice versa.

4- Lie on your back with your knees bent and legs apart. With your hands in a prayer position push them through your legs, lifting your chest from the ground.

Toning and strength for the body

Apart from the specific exercises that we have mentioned, we must also tell you that practicing activities such as yoga, belly dancing, dancing or martial arts are of great help to tone all the muscles of the body. And as you know, muscles in good shape improve the sensations of pleasure, not to mention the energy you will gain!

For example, belly dancing in women is a great exercise for sex, relieves tension and eliminates the rigidity of the hips and vagina. So with this activity you can move better, feel better and also learn the dance of seduction. Everything ideal for a sensual and attractive night!

We also recommend that you complement your exercises to improve sex with aerobics or spinning classes, these two activities will give you physical resistance. So now with strong muscles and cardiovascular endurance you will be prepared (or) for long sessions of sexual pleasure.

Important tips

We recommend that you read our following list of basic tips that will help your workout to be optimal:

  • Breathing correctly: In addition to oxygenate the body, breathing helps reduce those tensions that we accumulate during the day and that become barriers that prevent us from reaching a full orgasm.
  • The correct way to breathe during exercise is to let the air enter through the nose and expelling it through the mouth.
  • Breathe in this way deeply at least three times before starting the sexercise session and continue doing it during each exercise.
  • Stretches before and after exercises, it is important to avoid contractures and pain after exercise.
  • Take a break of at least 1 minute between each exercise series so you can take a breath and avoid fatigue very quickly.
  • Try to progress with the times and repetitions of each exercise, but remember to always go at your own pace.
  • Place your body in a good position where you always keep your back straight and you feel comfortable.
  • Invite your partner to practice together the exercises for sex. Excellent idea to unite the couple and also as a sexual game.